Hi! My name is Liz Roberts and I have been helping businesses and consumers obtain financing for the last 27 years. I specialized in helping startup businesses and business owners with bad credit get approved for small business and equipment loans.

Since these were both considered high risk, to get my clients approved I had to work with them to improve their credit. And over the years I've seen it all!

Now as I get ready for retirement, I wanted to put my knowledge to good use. On this site you will find my diy credit repair courses. I have made it easy for anyone who wants to fix their credit themselves, without hiring pricey credit repair companies to improve their credit.

Not only is it a good idea to fix your credit so you can obtain low interest financing. But by learning about credit and finance, you will have 2 tools in your arsenal that will help you to build the life you have dreamed of and deserve!

I'm always open to suggestions, so if you want me to cover a specific credit problem, let me know! While I won't be able to give you direct advice, I may choose that subject to write an article or make a guide!